His Track Record

Michael Chu’di Ejekam Continued His Successful Track Record in Nigeria

Once he traveled back home to Nigeria, Mr. Ejekam played a key role in the “retail revolution.” As the Director of Real Estate for West Africa of Actis, the most active retail developer in sub-Saharan Africa, he took part in the development of many major retail malls in Nigeria, Ghana, and broader West Africa, as well as the first green certified building in all of Nigeria. Overall, he originated more than $750 million in retail projects, and his knowledge and background led to the success of countless ventures.

Today, Mr. Ejekam remains in Lagos, Nigeria, and is poised to continue developing and bolstering the local economy. As the retail climate in West Africa continues to change, his expertise and experience will no doubt prove invaluable. This site is slated to feature regular insights directly from Michael Chu’di Ejekam, as well as other valuable bits of information. If you’d like to hear more about his upcoming plans, get the latest industry news, and learn about retail and real estate trends, be sure to bookmark this page and check back often for updates.